Chabad Center Rendering

Building the Future Together

Twenty three years ago Rabbi Mendy and Dinie Mangel came to our community charged with the Rebbe’s Mission to expand further develop, expand and nurture Torah observant Yiddishkeit for all Jews in our local communities. Starting with barely a minyan in the Mangel’s small apartment, then moving to a small storefront location in Voorhees before moving to our present campus in Cherry Hill, the growth of Chabad in terms of people, programs, services and activities has been a steady upward curve reflected in the accompanying Growth Chart.

This is a testament to the Rebbe’s belief that if you reach out to Jews non-judgmentally with genuine warmth and offer the opportunity to nurture our souls with genuine Yiddishkeit, we will respond. And we have. And now we have reached past the physical constraints of our present facility and must build anew to accommodate our continuing growth as we Build the Future Together!