Growing Chabad

For the past 25 years Chabad Lubavitch of Camden & Burlington Counties has been devoted to developing, nurturing and spreading Torah Observant Yiddishkeit in our community. Love of Judaism, Israel and Am Yisrael have been enriched immeasurably in our community through the tireless efforts of our rabbis, rebbetzins and lay leadership. And we have been rewarded. Our numbers and programs have increased beyond the capacity of our building.

Attendance across the full spectrum of services, programs and events are now attended in far greater numbers than can be comfortably accommodated in our present building. Our community’s profound thirst for Torah and tradition has contributed to this growing attendance. This ever growing demand dictates the need for additional space for our sanctuary, for Shabbat Kiddush, for educational class rooms for children and adults, to accommodate simultaneous events and programs, weddings and B’nai Mitzvot.

The Torah says that the Jewish People will only be redeemed in the merit of tzedakah. With G-d’s┬áblessing and your generosity we will enlarge our existing building to almost double its present size to better accommodate the continuing growth in participation and programs. Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 for this purpose.

Chesid is the attribute of generosity and kindness. When generosity is performed in Hashem’s name for the sake of others we perform a mitzvah. Your kind generosity toward our goal will enable us to build the future together with hundreds of other Jews in our community.

Your donation, while for bricks and mortar, will be recognized on a special dedication wall for Holidays, Parshot or Mitzvot which you may select from the Gifting Tier. Your donation will be a mitzvah that will ensure that your selected Holiday, Parsha or Mitzvah will continue to the future generations of Jews that come to this Chabad to pray, to learn, to participate in events and activities as Ahavat Yisrael.

May Hashem bless you and your family with love, peace and contentment.


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